Pumptrack- The skateboard PumpKing tour of Zurick

The Hudora Pumptrack Tour in Germany was similarly successful as the similar format, which is deployed in Switzerland. The difference: in Germany, they ride on modular pump racks, while in Switzerland it was driven on concrete tracks. Both tours will be back again this year. The German Tour will be held within the Stoked 2017 tour. Here is the press release of the Swiss:

On April 30, the second edition of the Sk8board PumpKing Challange (SPKC) will be launched. Five tour stops will be skated on asphalt pumping tracks for the title to the pumping Queen & King. Whether professional, street, downhill or slalom skaters: skateboarding fans from all parts of Switzerland meet here. The success recipe? The fun is in the priorty.

After the success of the last year, GummiLove and the Madrid Skateboards will present the SPKC 2017. This year the athletes will compete in a total of five stops in different categories: Kids (6-12 years), Juniors (13-17 years), Open (18 -30 years) Woman (+13 years) and Master (+30 years). The best preparation is made by professionals from the skate, surf, and snowbard scene. Renowned names such as Nadja Purtschert, Tamara Prader, Fabien Rohrer or Patrick Switzer show at workshops how to master the hills and steep wall curves of a Pumptracks. New this year are the Mini-Ramp Jamps in Chur and Kriens and the Bowl-Contest at the final stop, which additionally promote the freestyle aspect.

Back to the roots

Beginning with the idea of uniting the skate, surfing and snowbarding scene, Dani, Gummi ‘Rietmann founded the Challange in 2016, which did not exist in the world. Since the BMX and mountain bikers had met before, the athletes now compete on four wheels. Riding with skateboards on Pumptrack races has developed into a new discipline with great potential. For the first year more than 150 people from young to old took part in the event. Similar to the Banked Slalom in snowboarding, one has managed to reach the top. The success formule: everyone can join and have fun.

“It does not matter what a board you’re driving. It is important that you start skateboarding and have fun. Flow, Feeling and Fun are our main focus »- Daniel Rietmann, founder of SKPCDie Schweizer

The tour is just the beginning

The idea seems to work, because there is now also feedback on international level. There were requests from Skate associations from Germany to America, who are interested to take over the pumptrackdiscipline. You even think about an international tour. It seems as if one had hit the nerve of time with the idea that winning is not the important thing of all is. Because sport is for many not only performance, but also lifestyle. To celebrate a cozy get together in the finish area. This is more than the a gold medal could become, a trend which also dyes in other sports.

More information and registration at www.pumpkingchallange.ch

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