Madrid X Stranger Things


Did you know that Madrid Skateboards was a part of the Movie “Back to the future” with Michael J. Fox? But not even the Board, that Michael rode was a Madrid Board. The Guy who rode it was also a Madrid Teamrider.

TheTimes and the Movies are changing but not the Board. The highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things is upon us, and Madrid Skateboards is adding to the show’s celebration of ‘80s culture with a series of skateboards designed and shaped to pay homage to the golden age of backyard pool skating. The Madrid ‘Explosion’ skateboard was a staple of the Madrid collection throughout the ’80s and appears in Stranger Things 2, belonging to a Hawkins newcomer known as MadMax. These boards are handcrafted in our Huntington Beach factory and are setup with accurate retro components.

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